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The purpose of this module is to initiate a discipline referral due a students. Reasons to implement desktop virtualization now citrix. Understanding desktop virtualization driven by everincreasing pressure on a multitude of issues including cost control, manageability, security, regulatory compliance, and business continuity some it managers are considering desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization mobilizing windows apps on tablets and.

The company takes the view that it can simplify desktop. A server uses virtualization software to divide into multiple virtual machines, each one of which hosts a desktop os. Desktop virtualization, also known as client virtualization, is the transfer to the cloud of the pc desktop environment. They are seamlessly integrated into a single interface, so users only need to log on once to have secure access to all their applications. Citrix virtual apps and desktops enable secure, remote access. Citrix monday unveiled a software application and a plan to give network administrators a consistent way to create and. Virtual desktop infrastructure, or vdi, essentially copies a desktop pc, including the operating system, all applications and everything on its hard drive, to central servers in an enterprises data center, which then can remotely deliver that computer virtually to an actual pc, a thin. Desktop virtualization is often referred to as vdi, which, depending on the vendor in question, stands for either virtual desktop infrastructure or virtual desktop. It is worth mentioning that xenserver was positioned by gartner. A guide to managing user desktop environments with virtual. This package contains a software solution that has been replaced by a more recent version available for download from the citrix support website support. Savings through desktop virtualization with the cisco intel citrix vdi solution user productivity savings by reducing the amount of time users spend on desktop administration tasks such as backup and self support, and reducing overall user downtime, the cisco desktop virtualization. Implement the right desktop virtualization solution for the task. To help you decide whether to go for an hvd, lets discuss some of its key features and advantages.

Desktopplayer for windows getting started citrix docs. Get the right platform for secure application and data delivery cisco ucs with citrix xendesktop software. Its no wonder that many companies found traditional desktop virtualization cost. Citrix virtual apps and desktops 7 either onpremises or in the citrix cloud. Client hosted desktop virutalization is a type of machine virtualization technology such as microsoft virtual pc that separates the operating system from the.

So far i know about vmware view what are some other possiblities. Goal definition what does this need to look like at the end. With desktop virtualization, you can provide your workforce with any type of application they need, including windows, web and saas apps. In computing, virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual rather than actual version of. Build a business case using appliances to simplify desktop.

What are the top use cases for desktop virtualization. Some of the initial concerns organizations expressed about desktop virtualization cost and complexity were not without reason. It fetches the incoming print stream for the citrix virtual apps and desktops session. Lack of justification without a solid business reason, desktop virtualization is simply a new way to deliver a desktop. Citrix virtual apps and desktops enable secure, remote access to windows applications and desktops as well as linux, web and saas applications from any device, over any network. Deploy highly flexible desktop virtualization solutions cisco ucs with citrix xendesktop software solution brief october 2015 highlights let people work from anywhere give users secure access to their desktops, applications, data, and corporate services from any device. One form of desktop virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure vdi, can be thought of as a more advanced form of hardware virtualization. A proven methodology that has been successfully employed across thousands of desktop virtualization. The first deliverable of this collaboration will be the optimization of cisco wide area application services waas for citrix xendesktop.

Oct 27, 2011 citrix enhances cloud, desktop virtualization portfolio. Desktop virtualization is a fundamental change that requires close collaboration between various business and technical teams in order to be successful. Invisible infrastructure for citrix application and desktop. Hi wanted to know the various ways vmware allow server hosted desktop virtualization, deployed in private networkcloud. What it is and what it isnt maybe you started thinking seriously about desktop virtualization only recently, when the head of sales brought in his new tablet device and demanded that it be hooked up to the networkand two. Application and desktop virtualization centralizes apps and desktops in the datacenter, rather than on local devices.

Desktop application delivery and management can be tedious and timeconsuming. In this environment, citrix receiver runs and connects the client to the remote vm, and delivers the virtual desktop. Administrators may need to tailor these instructions to meet the requirements of their own environment. Cisco desktop virtualization solutions with vmware horizon view provide serverhosted virtual. With its flexcast technology, citrix xendesktop is the only solution that offers all of the desktop and application delivery technologies to meet the wide. With a desktop virtualization solution, the physical machine becomes a simple access point into the virtual desktop.

Systems administrators citrix administrators desktop. Accelerate your vdi journey from pilot to production with. Jul 28, 2015 presentation citrix desktop virtualization 1. Agenda challenge is citrix xendesktop the right choice for you desktop virtualization strategy. This allows it to deliver apps and desktops to users on demand, to any device, anywhere. Cisco ucs c240 m3 rack server with nvidia grid and tesla gpu cards on citrix xenserver 6.

Cisco desktop virtualization solutions with citrix xendesktop. Classlink presents desktop virtualization using vmware vdi or. Hybrid cloud provisioning with citrix xendesktop and xenapp white paper the emergence of cloud computing has changed every aspect of enterprise it service delivery. Troubleshooting environments that include a citrix desktop virtualization solution 6 s ion view ion recommended product experience citrix virtualization. Data sheet ntroducing xendesktop 2 citrix receiver. The rising value and falling cost of app and desktop virtualization when vendors compete, desktop virtualization customers win. Hybrid cloud provisioning with citrix xendesktop and xenapp. Desktop virtualization is an approach that provides a centralized infrastructure that hosts a desktop image that the workforce can leverage remotely. Cisco and citrix have formed a strategic alliance for largescale desktop virtualization deployments.

Cisco, citrix form desktop virtualization alliance campus. Vdi is a variant of the clientserver model of desktop virtualization which uses hostbased vms to deliver persistent and nonpersistent virtual. Has a wide range of successful use cases organizations of all sizes and in all industries can point to successful use cases of desktop virtualization. Oct 27, 2011 desktop virtualization the citrix synergy event brought forth a torrent of desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure vdi announcements from citrix.

However, it organizations face challenges in deploying efficient, centrally managed desktop. Licensing windows server remote desktop services and. Citrix announces slew of cloud, desktop virtualization. Citrix releases xendesktop 5 desktop virtualization. The screen is local but everything elsesoftware includedruns within the desktop virtualization software.

Citrix virtual apps and desktops provides a virtualization solution for application and desktop delivery to any device, over any network, while enhancing data security, reducing costs, and empowering. This is the difference between racing downhill with a map and racing uphill in heavy fog. Citrix virtual apps and desktops virtualization solution. Virtualize any infrastructure including clouds, servers and desktops, with a proven.

The cisco desktop virtualization solution with citrix xendesktop the cisco desktop virtualization solution with citrix xendesktop consists of a portfolio of validated designs tailored to various scale, performance and delivery model requirements. When planning a virtual desktop infrastructure, performance matters. Leading dincloud hosted virtual desktop hvd get quote. A popular type of desktop virtualization is virtual desktop infrastructure vdi. A business justification gives the project team a goal to. Desktopapp virtualization citrix xendesktop microsoft. Ctxs is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver it as an ondemand service. Deploy highly flexible desktop virtualization solutions pdf 420 kb citrix.

Citrix vdi best practices for xenapp and xendesktop 7. Idc marketscape lists vmware in vcc leaders category. Microsoft licenses windows for virtual desktops by access device. Citrix virtual apps and desktops are the industrys leading solutions for application and desktop delivery, with over 100 million users worldwide. Adopting desktop virtualization with xendesktop has been a very important and successful initiative for our organization. Desktop virtualization an overview sciencedirect topics. Much like server virtualization, virtualizing desktops involves separating the physical location of a client device from its logical interface.

Citrix virtualization, networking and cloud solutions deliver over 100 million corporate desktops and touch 75 percent of internet users each day. Best practices for upgrade before you start the upgrade process, make sure you check the following citrix documentation here. Mobile devices,smartphone and tablet pc are becoming an integral part. Xendesktop 4 supports major server virtualization platforms, including microsoft windows server 2008 hyperv, microsoft hyperv server 2008, citrix xenserver, vmware esx and vmware vsphere. Users access their applications and desktop through citrix receiver, a universalacross the entire supply chain to client that runs on.

Reasons to implement desktop virtualization now top 10 4. Tablet shipments are expected to exceed notebook pc shipments as soon as 2014 the use of tablets and smartphones for business is becoming common practice. Streamlining deployment and management of desktop virtualization pdf 462 kb 22aug2014. Mac os x and windows at the same time parallels desktop for mac hypervisor type 1 similar to server virtualization useful for testing software on multiple os reduced hardware cost this is local desktop virtualization hypervisor type 1. Users access their applications and desktop through citrix receiver, a universalacross the entire supply chain to client that runs on virtually any device operating platform, including ios and android in addition to windows, mac and linux. Company has aggressive plans for replacing traditional pc environments with virtual desktops and bridging enterprise data centers with the cloud. Desktop virtualization made easy with primeflex and citrix.

Using nutanix, we managed to deploy infrastructure to support our 4000 user citrix deployment in about a day and a half. The citrix upd is installed as part of the citrix workspace app installation. Virtual desktop deciphering the many flavors of desktop virtualization by barbara depompa a range of virtualization software and delivery technologies promises to enable a new desktop computing model, which market researchers, including idc, maintain may overcome many of the current limitations associated with distributed desktop computing. Remote desktop virtualization solution for smarphones. Cisco desktop virtualization pilot accelerator solution for citrix xendesktop solution brief pdf 440 kb cisco ucs and citrix xendesktop. It organizations around the world have already started to embark on the journey to take their services to the cloud, allowing.

Desktop virtualization a desktop system with multiple operating systems example. With xendesktop, a users vm runs on a remote server and is booted from a virtual hard drive vhd file. You want to ensure that your vdi platform can deliver a solid user experience while minimizing the. Since there are many ways to configure acrobat products as well as citrix servers, these instructions are intended as basic examples. Just like serverbased computing, a delivery protocol is used to access the desktop. Cisco and citrix join forces for desktop virtualization. Cisco desktop virtualization solutions built with industryleading partner solutions deliver an optimized platform for virtual desktops and workspaces. Since there are many ways to configure acrobat products as well as citrix servers, these instructions are intended.

In addition, desktop virtualization can create new challenges such as degraded user experience over high latency networks and the high costs of networked storage needed for each users desktop image. Citrix desktop receiver users access their virtual desktops in fullscreen, interacting only with the virtual desktop or in a window, enabling them to interact with both their virtual. Mobility is an important attribute in todays computing world. One of those obvious workloads is application and desktop virtualization also referred to as sbc. Oct 24, 2011 a new virtual desktop infrastructure vdi push by partners cisco systems inc. Solution paper solve the desktop crisis with cisco desktop virtualization solution with vmware view. Only organizations that prioritized mobility or security over cost could justify paying a premium for virtual desktop infrastruc. Being able to move so rapidly helped solve one of our major pain points. Cisco desktop virtualization solutions with citrix. The citrix virtual desktop handbook examines the project lifecycle for a desktop virtualization project. If we compare the factors between success and failure between desktop virtualization and other technology related projects, we see that there is little difference. Citrix virtual apps and desktops provides a virtualization solution for application and desktop delivery to any device, over any network, while enhancing data security, reducing costs, and empowering productivity. Nov 12, 2009 desktop virtualization solutions must be able to easily integrate with any server virtualization platform and addon technologies, he noted. In traditional business environments, workers suffer from productivity loss in many ways, including downtime during pc refreshes, patches and updates, or simply when they are away from the office.

Sep 15, 2016 given windows is at the heart of remoting a desktop or hosting windows apps, not only does vmware have to do all of the heavy liftingit has to overcome microsoft while citrix gets microsofts help to solve the same problems. Under remote desktop virtualization, or virtual desktop infrastructure vdi as it is commonly known, the hypervisor sits on the server to host. Application and desktop virtualization centralizes apps and desktops in. Take control of application and desktop virtualization whether you are deploying hosted shared or virtual desktops or virtualizing enduser applications, citrix. Desktop virtualization with vmware view 5 compared to. Aug 20, 2014 citrix has published some facts and figures to illustrate the top use cases for desktop virtualization. Citrix launches open desktop virtualization program. Vmware esx host best practices for citrix xenapp before xenapp virtual machines can be built and applications deployed a solid virtual infrastructure must. Citrix enhances cloud, desktop virtualization portfolio. Last month, the companies signed a fiveyear strategic alliance agreement centered on desktop virtualization.

Desktop and application virtualization for the 21st century. Why citrix is better than vmware in desktop virtualization. However, this handbook is not the only resource to guide you through your desktop virtualization. Do i need an rds cal if i am using a thirdparty technology like citrix xenapp, citrix xendesktop, ericom powerterm webconnect, quest virtual access suite, graphon goglobal, and so on to directly or indirectly access the server software to interact with the gui. The announcements largely centered on the companys desktop transformation model that citrix rolled out earlier this month. Founded in 1989, citrix combines virtualization, networking, and cloud computing technologies into a full portfolio of products that enable virtual workstyles for users and virtual. Blog post cisco, citrix, vmware and wyse make desktop virtualization simpler, better for media applications by david mcculloch. The handbook provides the methodology, experience and best practices needed to successfully design your own desktop virtualization solution.

Next behind us and all of the announcements have made their impact, we now can take a look at how to extend the acropolis capabilities to other workloads. Virtual desktop leveraging desktop virtualization to gain greater control, security, efficiency by barbara depompa as public sector organizations strive to grant employees access to internal information resources when and where they need it while simultaneously reducing costs, desktop virtualization is one alternative that may help meet those goals, in addition to providing. As citrix owns the source code, xenserver can be optimally aligned with other citrix products. Citrix systems has unleashed several products at its synergy partner conference in barcelona.

We also found the cost to be lower than comparable configurations, which helped us achieve our cost goals. A delivery protocol enables the user to interact over a network with the desktop that is running on the server. Every virtual desktop provides a full windows desktop experience from nearly any device. Desktop virtualization with citrix desktop virtualization has initiated intensive discussion concerning the best methods for delivery and management of it workplaces. Desktop virtualization with vmware view 5 compared to citrix. The traditional desktop virtualization model simply replicates a copy of the users os and installed applications in the data center, requiring it to manage multiple instances of the same application and os. Successful deployments of desktop and application virtualization always start with choosing the right solution from the right partners.

Blog post creating a virtualized collaborative workspace with cisco vxi by ben gibson. Those who install, configure and manage such solutions may hold various job titles such as. A proven methodology that has been successfully employed across thousands of desktop virtualization projects. For example, the virtualization and desktop teams need to work together to ensure that the virtual desktop image meets user needs while also being optimized for the datacenter. The citrix vxi with citrix xendesktop solution delivers an endtoend desktop virtualization system that spans cisco data center, borderless networks, and collaboration architectures to deliver a superior virtual desktop. Flexpod for 3d graphics visualization with citrix and nvidia white paper pdf 8 mb 3d graphics visualization with citrix and nvidia pdf 11 mb configure cisco ucs rack and blade servers and cisco hyperflex hyperconverged servers with nvidia gr. Citrix desktop receiver free download windows version.

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