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The limitation of travel is realised via limit switches in. Ideal electric actuator for applications with short linear movements. Electric actuator type na nax the following data is for information purpose only and may be subject to alteration without prior notice sectoriel s. Therefore, auma has acquired a knowhow which can hardly be surpassed. The series b1c and b1j are designed to iso 52111 when metso linkages are utilized. Auma is one of the leading electric actuator manufacturers world wide. Special versions for s4 50 % and s5 25 % are also available. Albanian arabic azerbaijani bulgarian chinese croatian czech danish dutch english english. Actuators of the sa type range for openclose duty and positioning duty are rated for class a and b or types of duty s2 15 min. Electric linear actuator terminal unit zone valves. Nano classic actuator technology with synchronous motor and spur gearing. Pneumatic actuator hts105270 parts list pneumatic actuator double acting pneumatic actuator spring return fail safe pneumatic actuator torque table in. Low or high voltage single phase dc or ac power supply with 3phase option. The actuators are driven by an electric motor and operated with the controls.

Selected wiring diagrams under documents attention. The bracket pin must be placed in the mid distance of the slot. Learn more about valvcon lcrseries economical reversing electric actuator. These actuators offer an extremely long cycle life. With their new fqm fail safe unit, auma offer innovative and safe actuator solutions for automatic operation of valves in case of emergencies making use of stored mechanical energy. Nanoprecision actuator provider of linear motion with. These can also easily be mounted to the actuator at a later date. Since 1964, the founding year of the company, auma have focussed on development, manufacture, sales and service of electric actuators.

Mount the actuator to the drive sha ft using the instructions for the actuator be ing used. Performace ip67 standard specification enclosure power supply duty cycle onoff duty motor limit switches. On completion of this tutorial, you should be able to do the following. Nutork nte series electric actuators are designed for such working requirement. The partturn actuators are driven by an electric motor. With a compact construction and plastic housing, it is especially well suited for motorising smallsize ball valves and butterfly valves. Electric actuators model epi2 iom, keystone, actuators. They are the most versatile products within the auma family. Force provided by a comb drive actuator moves a linear rack, which drives a hinged sheet of silicon back and forth.

Efficient operation warner linear actuators consist of an electric motor combined with a high efficiency gear train and lead screw. For this reason, auma has a wide modular product range with electric multiturn, partturn, linear and lever actuators, as well as several different valve gearboxes. Electric actuators top line process equipment company. Bray series 70 electric actuators offer onoff or modulating valve control in a light weight, low profile body. Pneumatic cylinder actuators, series b1 metsos neles double acting and spring return b1series piston type actuators are designed for use in both modulating control and onoff service. The koei nucom actuator provides 250400 steps over 90 degrees, no overrun, no hunting. Rotary and partturn actuators tensor fully electronic controlled actuator with exact time and torque control and a precision gear. Electric actuators and gearboxes from the worlds leading actuator manufacturer. Electric actuators electric actuators are equipped with an electric motorgearbox combination, particularly developed for valve automation, providing the torque required for operating the moving elements of gate or butterfly valves as well as ball and globe valves. Electric sa multiturn actuator auma sa multiturn actuators are available in many sizes and versions and can be tailored to the individual requirements of the application.

The biggest issue we have with this actuator is that it has no limit switches at the two ends to stop the actuator from killing itself. Specification electric valve actuators in water and. Auma offers the controls auma matic am or aumatic ac for the sizes sar 07. Output shaft male yoke coupling valve stem valve stem. Constant torque curve with torques from 150 nm to 1,200nm.

The actuator positions the valve in compliance with operation commands issued by the dcs. Auma have been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. More reliable than conventional electric actuators beck actuators incorporate a noburnout motor, an efficient spur gear drive train and accurate, durable electronics. Actuators shall contain motor, gearing, manual override, limit switches, torque switches, drive coupling, integral. Short description auma partturn actuators type sg 03. Dcmlink dcmlink is the command and control software for all of emerson electric actuators. Confirm that the combination of the controller and the actuator is correct. Actuators of the sav type range for openclose duty and positioning duty are rated for class a and b or types of duty s2 15 min. Failsafe electric actuators for all quarterturn applications, spring return fq range actuators ensure automatic opening or closing even without any power supply.

Isi is the exclusive rep for the south florida municipal water market. Device information, diagnostic data and documents can be downloaded from the application and uploaded to the cloud. Auma are spearheading market technology offering a broad speed control ratio. Measure that up against the control you feel you are getting from your control valve. Because electric wiring diagram, test report and instruction manual are supplied together with actuator, please check if these are supplied or not. The valco multiposition electric actuator is designed around a highly integrated microcontroller, and is capable of detecting the number of valve positions for which it is configured as well as a number of faults. Auma norm multiturn actuators require electric controls. The actuator specialist auma are one of the leading manufacturers of electric actuators, actuator controls and valve gearboxes for the automation of industrial valves worldwide. Short description auma partturn actuators type sg 05.

Typically, electric actuator commissioning is performed when the actuator is installed at site. We are a mediumsized ownermanaged enterprise combining a valueoriented culture with exibility and reliablity. The brand auma is synonym to longstanding experience and knowledge. Electric actuators are among the most important components of the safety system of a nuclear power plant. The operating shaft must pass through the mounting clamp at least 38 of an inch.

The motor of electric actuator is reversible, high torque and low current design. Make sure the back of the actuator is parallel to the back o f the housing. Series electric actuators 4 series modulating rotary electric actuator basic actuator. Auma is the worlds leading manufacturer of electric actuators and gearboxes. Linear actuators provide this precision over the entire stroke. During that time, auma has acquired a knowhow which cannot be surpassed. If actuators are delivered mounted to a valve, this step has been done in the valve manufacturers plant. Electric actuators with wireless interface auma pdf. Electric actuators for the automation of valves in the oil. Auma has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for over 45 years. The crank handle is designed as detachable to minimize the dimension of the actuator.

This means that the actuators have to operate the valve correctly under defined conditions and to remain safely operable even under auma is one of the leading electric actuator manufacturers worldwide and has been manufacturing electric power plants for more than 25 years. Above table shows suitable size of actuator for valves which work under 10kgcm 2of operating pressure. Auma actuators and valve gearboxes auma pdf catalogs. The actuators excel by their high positioning accuracy and their compact structure.

Proper commissioning should include the operating controls so that the entire system is included in the process and of course, the valve manufacturer or automation center. Actuator controls including microprocessor based controls and. Valid partturn actuators in version auma norm with auma plugsocket connector, without actuator controls. When reaching end positions or intermediate positions, the actuator stops and signals the status to the control system. Notes on table 1 torque range the tripping torque is adjustable for directions open and. This brochure provides an overview on auma products and services.

Instrumentation and control tutorial 2 electric actuators this is a stand alone tutorial on electric motors and actuators. Electric multiturn actuators with integral controls. This is because, except for basic settings, the oem cannot perform commissioning nor can it be done at the place of automation. Idcu 10,000kg electric actuator with load capacity of 100,000n 10,000kg. This has propelled the company to be an awardwinning, industry leader. Auma defines the municipal market as sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, drinking water distribution, sewage disposal, seawater desalination and steel. Ensure free movement of the slot at the base of the actuator. Manual valve operation is possible using the handwheel, available as standard. If you need more information, please consult with factory or regional representative 3. Electric actuators for controlling and automating final elements within the field of process engineering with swivel movements between 90 and 270 for e. Auma actuators comprehensive operating data recording and providing a time stamped event report is standard for auma actuators. Energy sector, water industry, petrochemical industry and users from the most diverse industries worldwide rely on technologically sophisticated products by auma. This actuator range sets the standard for medical, personal mobility, material handling, marine and structure automation applications. Nm24a rotary actuator 10 nm acdc 24 v, openclose, 3point running time motor 150 s 90 ip54, manual override with pushbutton, can be locked.

When energized, the actuator operates the valve normally and at the same time compresses the spring. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes electric actuators and. Process valves temperature control equipment static neutralization equipment silencers. Dcmlink is an innovative software platform enhancing plant productivity by unifying all electric actuators on a common platform while allowing plant operators to gain deep insights into asset status and performance. Electric multiturn actuators product description certificate registration no. The we500 electric actuator is an extremely rugged design actuator used for small ball valves 2 and less, dampers and other quarterturn devices. The auma assistant app is the data hub for the auma cloud. Armaturenund maschinenantriebe auma, the leading manufacturer of electric actuators for automating industrial valves. Like all auma actuators, the sgc type range is available with parallel and fieldbus interface. Auma electric actuators and gearboxes from the worlds. Auma has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for over 40 years. A special version for longer running is available for the s2 30 min duty the modulating actuators of the sar range are rated for class c or types of duty s4 25 %.

A convenient wrench manual override shaft is standard on the we500. The wiring diagram service provides the wiring diagrams for our products according to. Classic actuator technology with synchronous motor and spur gears. Pressure control equipment fittings and tubing flow control equipment switches. Entering the first 6 figures separated by a dot supplies you with the currently available version of the document in all available languages. This unique design eliminates the performance limitations typical of electric actuators, including overheating motors, trips, worm gear wearinduced backlash, coasting and other. The tutorial is of interest to any student studying control systems and in particular the ec module d227 control system engineering.

If you want to drive it, make sure to either go very gentle or use the potentiometer feedback. Auma sa and sar multiturn actuators eastern controls, inc. Electric valve actuators in water and wastewater treatment plants all electric actuators shall conform to the requirements of awwa standard c54093. M168 highresolution motorized steppermike actuators.

Idcu 0kg electric actuator industrial devices gb ltd. Actuators of the indicated series basically meet the requirements for applications in dust hazardous locations of zone 22 in compliance with the atex directive 949ec. Niasa fa series linear actuators are electromechanica lcylinders in which a round stem moves inside a second tube,of either steel or aluminum. A practical, costeffective alternative to smallscale hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Users from the most diverse industries worldwide including energy, water, and petrochemical industries rely on auma.

Na nax electric actuator information given as an indication only, and subject to possible modifications rev. Usa 4 zesta drive pittsburgh pa 15205 41278740 fax. The allrounder with a wide accessory program for all applications. The actuator is type 4, 4x and includes a visual indicator, two auxiliary switches and a compartment heater. Electric actuators electric actuators are equipped with an electric motorgearbox combination, particularly. And because metsos valvcon electric actuators are reliable and inherently lowmaintenance units compared with pneumatic alternatives, youll realize longterm efficiencies beyond the initial low price. Tighten the nuts on the u bolt to the shaft with a 10mm wrench to a torque of 150 in. Warner linear actuators can pushandpull or liftandlower loads ranging from one pound to over 2800 pounds 12455 n up to 24 inches 600 millimeters with equal capacity in both directions of travel. Actuator w q the actuator and controller are provided as a set. Specifically designed for rotary valve applications, onoff and modulating. However, a fatigue strength may not be derived from this. They are designed for harsh industrial applications. It is small, quiet, washdownproof and created from the accumulated knowledge that thomson has gathered from being the actuator industry leader for more than 50 years.

Electric multiturn actuators for the automation of industrial and special valves with torque requirements up to 120,000 nm open the catalog to page 1 offering the perfect actuator automating any valve this is the milestone dened by auma. The lengthwise movement of the stem is achieved with the combination of an interior screwnut which drags it, and an electrical motor that drives the screwnut. The proven auma sasar range is enhanced by variable speed models. They excel by easy operation, robust design, reliability and a long service. The controls are integrated into the actuator housing. Electric actuators and actuator controls a l t r a i n d u s t r i a l m o t i o n p1581wla4 910 printed in u. The actuators are designed to meet enclosure protection ip 68 and fulfil the requirements of en 5028111. Metsos valvcon lcrseries actuator is designed to be one of the most cost effective units on the market today. Gear driving unit is made of alloy steel with heat treatment featuring high strength, excellent wear resistance and long term fatigue load impact.

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